For all those who say their subject matter is too technical to teach it in a fun way….

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I have two words for you … ‘noisy jelly.’

French designers Raphaël Pluvinage and Marianne Cauvard have created a kit to make your own jelly, however this jelly has one major difference from the stuff you put on your PBJ.  It makes music.

Yep, make your jelly in the molds provided, put your jelly on a special board & make beautiful music.

When I teach trainers how to teach their subject matter expertise in interactive, engaging, creative, sticky ways, with methods that work with how our brains learn, not against it, I inevitably get ‘oh but _______ (insert subject matter expertise here) is too complicated to use those kinds of methods.

Sometimes ‘too technical’  will be substituted for  ‘too complicated‘.  Or ‘too boring.’  Or ‘too hard.’

Guess what?  Our brains don’t change how we learn based on the subject matter.  Good training & development principles apply to all subject matter.

Not convinced?  (And in case you’re wondering what else I put in my PBJ.)  Check out the video below.

Who knew capacitive sensors could be so fun?  Someone who knows good training & development that’s who!

Thanks to my pal Melanda Schmid for forwarding the video.



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