Facilitation means to bring ease- Speed Geeking, Dotmocracy anyone?

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When I was doing some research on Un-conferences, I came across a Wikki page that listed a number of facilitation styles, some of which I hadn’t heard of before.  It’s a handy resource to take a peek at for those that might be familiar to you & those that may be new.  Here’s a few below.  Check them out & tease out ones that you can try for your next training.

I’m teaching a Social Media course in June & again in July called ‘Transforming Workplace Learning through Social Media’ – me thinks I’ll try a social media version of the Dotmocracy style below.  Should be fun!

Fishbowl – where observers sit round a group that’s being facilitated & take an active role with their observations (I don’t think this technique gets used near enough)

Speed geeking – like speed dating, only with presentations

Birds of Feather – informally convening subgroups according to a particular characteristic (eg all CEO’s)

TeachMeet –  include micro-presentations (7 min), nano-presentations (2 min) & random selection of speakers

Pecha Kucha – the Japanese word for chit chat, are presentations held all over the world where each speaker gets 20 slides with 20 seconds for each slide

Dotmocracy – is a visual decision making style of facilitation, where people place a dot according to whether they strongly agree, agree, are neutral, disagree, strongly disagree or are confused (see the example below)


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