3 resources for harnessing social media for training. Lights, camera, action!

In this month’s Rock.Paper.Scissors’ newsletter I look at how we can harness social media for training purposes.  See the last blog post for the full social media post, this one for social media resources or stay tuned for the next  blog post where I’ll share some resources related to social media, with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

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  • Did you know some people consider email passe (including my teenager)? Here’s a great video that gives a quick overview of the impact & power of social media (see below) – Social Media Revolution 2011.  Love the soundtrack.
  • Check out how searchable a particular website is or how it’s graded for social media.  Simply enter the url et voila, you’ll get a free report with search.grader.com & marketing. grader.com.  Amazing.


Special note: I’m coming back to Vancouver from Kenya for a limited time to teach some courses, including a Social Media course.  If you’re in the ‘hood, please join me! 


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