3 funny resources for harnessing social media for training. Lights, camera, action!

In this month’s Rock.Paper.Scissors’ newsletter I look at how we can harness social media for training purposes.  See the this blog post for the full social media post, this one for social media resources or keep reading for some funny social media resources.

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  • This funny site is a take on the wildly popular, website that displays homemade crafts called etsy.  On regretsy you’re asked to judge whether items are for real on etsy or made up, like these ‘upcycled garden art/bird & insect reflectors/pest control/mobiles/party decor’ pictured above – aka CD’s for sale.  True or false?
  • A delightful coca cola campaign that capitalizes on the element of surprise, designed to spread happiness (& sell more coke of course).  You never know what the dispensing machine will give you when you plug in your money to get a coke.  8′ long pizza anyone?
  • Some of the funniest twittter hashtags (a twitter hashtag is simply a short label preceded by the # sign, designed to help you search for things in twitter).

Special note: I’m coming back to Vancouver from Kenya for a limited time to teach some courses, including a Social Media course.  If you’re in the ‘hood, please join me! 


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