The Really Good Learning Bookshop- resources for experiential, brain-based trainers

I came across the Really Good Learning Bookshop, who are based in London, a while back & have been meaning to write about them since.

Here’s how they describe themselves:

“We believe strongly in training which is brain-friendly, student-centred and experiential. Only by involving students actively in the learning process can the neural pathways of the brain change and transfer of learning take place.”

Can you hear my pom poms rustling as I yell ahem & amen to brain-based, experiential learning & training?

See them on Twitter here: “Online training and learning bookshop, specialising in brain-friendly resources. We also love to train and design courses (especially for subject experts).” 

When I was surfing through their blog posts, I was delighted to find they’d been coming to Africa, specifically Tanzania, to do some training.  Here’s an example of putting yourself as a trainer, in your learner’s shoes using a knot-tying exercise.

Check them out.  There’s good stuff there.



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