Back to the future – what would your former self have to say about your current self

Irina Werning, a brilliant Buenos Aires photographer was inspired to ‘re-enact’ old photos of people.  She asked friends and family to turn back time & have themselves photographed as they were in old pictures.  The ongoing project is called “Back to the Future.”

It got me thinking …. what would your former self have to say about your current self?  What would the young girl above have to say to the woman she grew into?

What would your ten year old self say to your current self?  What words of advice would your 18 year old self have?

Like the impish grin below, what’s remained consistent with you?

How has your perspective changed over time?  For me, I notice as my teenage son grows deeper into teenagehood, it gives me more perspective on what it may have been like for my mom to parent me.  What seemed unjust at the time perhaps has another side.

Our perspective has a deep and unyielding frame around it.  The frame is affected by our age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, beliefs etc.  The frame affects what we see, what we ignore, what we deem important and what we dismiss.  The frame affects our worldview.

Step out of frame and a whole new perspective opens up.

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