Are you the lizard or the termite today?

Creative Commons licensed on Flickr by: peasap

I currently live in Africa.  As a result I share my home with some critters that would be most unexpected back home in Vancouver.  Like lizards.

Often I’ll come into a room & startle a small lizard into fleeing the scene.  I find them cute & I frequently say hello.

There are times, I’m coming to know, that termites are also in the air.  For a brief period of time they fly about, their large wings beating frantically, as they bash about aimlessly.  With their lacy looking wings, they’re harmless & quite pretty.

The other night I came into the kitchen to find several termites trying to dart about (they seem to extend such an effort to not only get, but to stay aloft).

That is, until a lizard nimbly leapt at one & gobbled it up.  I watched it disappear with big bits of the termite still sticking out of its mouth.

Will you be the lizard or the termite today?

Will you dart about aimlessly, bashing around, looking busy but having no focus, until you become part of someone else’s agenda?

Or will you take charge of your own agenda, seize opportunities, take big mouthfuls of life, experience it richly & move on?

Some days I’m the termite, some days I’m the lizard.  You?



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