See ME! Relate to ME! A guide for managing change thanks to Puma

My son & I bought some new soccer equipment for him the other day.  Afterwards he was ogling his new purchases, including the box that the soccer shoes came in (see said box above).

If you take a closer look, the cleverly designed box compares your shoe size to other things.  If, for example, you’re an infant size 5 then your foot is the same size as a blues harmonica (see the side of the box picture below).

A wee bit bigger than an infant?

If you’re a men’s size 15 1/2 your foot is the same size purportedly as a gangsters’ gold chain (see second picture for more comparisons).

This is a great example of relating something known and familiar (your feet) to something new and creative.

It changes your perspective of your feet by comparing what you know and are (presumably) comfortable with to something novel.

When you’re introducing a new concept, especially one that you think may be unwelcome or feared, start with what’s known and familiar.

For a Mountain Life Lens™ start with the big picture.  For a Carrot Life Lens™ start with the details.

For a Journey Life Lens™ start with focusing on the process, whereas for a Destination Life Lens™ let people know where you’re headed.

For a Heart Life Lens™ focus on intuition, but for a Head Life Lens™ pay attention to the facts.

And finally for a Stop Life Lens™ make sure there’s time for reflection while with a Go Life Lens™ let people jump in and get started.

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