Peace with pants: an evolved Mountain Life Lens™ is a strategic partner

I’m a Carrot Life Lens™ and my partner is a Mountain Life Lens™.   I go gaga over details and systems while he loves the big picture and the view from above.

When we were putting away some laundry lately, I handed him a pair of pants.

‘Which category do these pants go with?’ he asked.

My jaw dropped.

For a Mountain Life Lens™ to pay attention to a system and details isn’t necessarily easy or even important to them.  That’s why his side of the closet is what I’d call a mess and my side of the closet …. well, let’s just say I have a system for where things go.

He’s an evolved and understanding Mountain Life Lens™ and a very smart partner.

What about you?  What does your closet say about your Carrot’ness or Mountain’ness?

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