A forgotten bookmark & the 7 chapters of life

A forgotten bookmark in a dusty, old book, takes a chance, & well, magic happens.

Like rediscovering an old friend, colleague or first love.

Like rediscovering a love for learning, an appetite for adventure, a yearning for travel.

Like thriving in the fast paced, complex, changing environment that surrounds us.

Check out the captivating video below.  I’ve added some ‘chapters’ that represent that encyclopedia we call life.

Chapter 1   – forgotten, stagnant (0 to 1:08 min)

Chapter 2 – an external event happens to kick you in the pants (1:09 to 1:28)

Chapter 3 – ruminating, reminiscing, dare I? (1:29 to 1:53)

Chapter 4 – a small start, a small step equals motivation (1:53 to 2:10)

Chapter 5- diving in, revelling, (2:11 to 4:25 with a special surprise at 3:54)

Chapter 6- reflecting again, this time a little wiser (4:26 to 4:50)

Chapter 7- it’s a whole new world baby! (Which, by the way, was there all along only you’d turned your back on it.) (4:51 on)

Much Better Now from Salon Alpin on Vimeo.

Thanks to Bill Ursel for showing me this video.


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