We leak our Life Lenses™ – even with our computer bags

My (Carrot Life Lens™) approach: gleefully I dove into finding new homes for my things, creating new systems, organizing and tucking away with utter satisfaction.

My partner’s (Mountain Life Lens™) approach: harumphing, he reluctantly transferred things over.  It was a chore.  Not fun.  He wanted it done and over.

While the pictures above aren’t of our particular bags, they made me chuckle as the one above would appear to belong to a Carrot – notice how things are laid out in order, systematically.  The items are arranged within an overall square shape.  I’d guess the second one belongs to a Mountain – notice how things are laid out without any apparent order, with things at random angles.

Which one’s the best?  Depends on your perspective.  Each have their strengths on a good day and their downsides on a bad day.

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