What’s odd about these oddfellows?

I picked up this postcard from the same-named restaurant when I was out with some good pals in Seattle.

Do you think these fellows are odd? How do you think they’d view you? It’s all a matter of perspective. What’s one person’s trash is another’s treasure. What’s normal to you may be off the scale abnormal to me.

What a Carrot Life Lens™ sees as synchronous systems, makes a Mountain Life Lens™ feel a migraine coming on.

What a Go Life Lens™ sees as a wonderful opportunity to be spontaneous, is reckless to a Stop Life Lens™.

Where a Journey Life Lens™ sees a wonderfully organic path, a Destination Life Lens™ sees as a pointless, waste of time.

What a Heart Life Lens™ sees as intuitively obvious, a Head Life Lens™ misses completely.

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