Social Media Strategies Summit Unwrapped – 6 resources from the London conference

I just got back from doing a plenary at the Social Media Strategies Summit in London – it was a blue sky, brainstorm balanced with a down & detailed account of how to enhance social media skills.

Allow me to uncover & unwrap the highlights for you:

  • ‘Culture eats strategy for lunch’ mused Steven Fisher, quoting a Fast Company article.  He went on to quote some great research called Culture Code, which you can download at the previous link.
  • I was delighted to sit in on Mike Volpe, CMO from Hubspot & also interview him (stay tuned for my next newsletter to hear what he had to say – sign up here if you haven’t already).
  • I instantly connected with fellow Canadian Jennifer Bilec-Sullivan, from Element14 who has an eclectic history that includes conflict resolution & social media.

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