What does school really teach children?

After a long, challenging year where one of my kids wasn’t invited back from one school year to the next (an almost straight A student &  class president) I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about formal education.

Some schools teach the above.   So do some trainers.

Authority, compliance & repetition rules.

My kids have taught me that the things that make for a happy, healthy, well-adjusted adult aren’t necessarily easy things to parent.  Cue the video of two year old asserting herself with foot stomping ferocity.  Cue middle schooler pointing out how you are clearly contradicting yourself.  Cue highschooler, being, well, a dizzyingly, in-depth, frustrating, yet always fascinating teenager.

Critical analysis, creativity & access/inclusion rules my world, my family & my training.

What about you?

Image is from a great site called Truth Theory  – check them out for more thought provoking images.



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