Adde Adesokan’s triptych photos & the stories they tell


Photo Credit: evoo73 via Compfight cc

My attention was recently caught & held by the triptych photos of Adde Adesokan. He’s known for taking three part photos that capture the story of a person.

The picture above is not by him btw but rather Evoo73 (Adde’s photos aren’t licensed for me to use here but you can see them here).

Carrot Life Lenses™ will be drawn to the focus on detail.

Heart Life Lens™ will be drawn in by the emotion they evoke.

Go Life Lens™ will be captivated by the new way of seeing a person.

Journey Life Lenses™ will appreciate the story.

I like them because they’re a new way of looking at something, a fresh perspective.

What three things could the camera catch that would capture you?

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