The HUMANitarians project; Juozas & Anita make me proud to be a Canadian


Sometimes, if you’re lucky, your path merges with individuals who make you think, bring a smile to your face, a warmth to your heart & inspire you to action.

Juozas Cernius & Anita Vizsy are two such folks.  They’re in East Africa to document Canadians doing good work.  It’s part of a photographic documentary project called “The HUMANitarians: The Faces, The Places, The Challenges”, which focuses on individual humanitarians, and where their work is felt.

Juozas photographed me (you can see the photo shoot here at the UN, our impromptu setting), while Anita did the interviewing.

(Did I mention I was lucky?!)

Check out the resulting photo of myself, and my partner Doug Ragan, below.

Want to know more about their work?  Do yourself a favour & check out


Juozas’ keen eye …


And voila, the results….

doug-leeanne juozas

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