Not A Happy Accident: How Google Deliberately Designs Workplace Satisfaction

Recognize the colours of Google?

Recognize the colours of Google?

I love getting updates from Fast Company.  Not heard of them?  Their articles are chock-a-block full of creative, current content.  Like this one.  Check out my summary below &/or click on the link for the full articlie.

Not A Happy Accident: How Google Deliberately Designs Workplace Satisfaction

“What few in business know is that Google has devoted the same level of intellectual firepower it used to create self-driving cars to discovering, refining, and implementing leadership practices that optimize human performance in the workplace.

Upending traditional leadership theory, which directs organizations to squeeze as much out of people while paying them as little as possible, Google holds an authentic reverence for its employees and seeks to not just appeal to their uber-developed minds in motivating performance, but also to their very human hearts.”

1. Being a great place to work is in Google’s DNA. – from the very start they sought out “organizations that had proven histories of caring for people, driving extraordinary innovation, and building truly remarkable brands.”  Google zeroed in on the SAS Institute & went knocking on their door.

Love this!  You don’t have to invent from scratch – rather do your research, borrow & adapt.

2. Google ensures people have inspiring work.  “The jobs we ask people to perform often lack sufficient variety and challenge. In other words, routine and repetitive work that affords little opportunity for growth and personal fulfillment dulls employee spirits.

But not at Google. For years, company leaders have given every employee–regardless of job title or pay level–the opportunity to devote up to 20% of their workweek to a project of their choice. Typically, Googlers choose to help out on some other company venture, but the pursuit is ultimately up to each employee.”

3. Employees have uncommon freedom and control of their time. Based on some pretty spiffy research (that shows employees who have greater control over their time have better health & performance) – Google gives its employees a great deal of control over their schedules.  Matched with rigorous recruitment (slackers need not apply) it means they’re “harnessing energy rather than coaxing it out of people.”

4. Google is a democracy and employees are given a significant voice. – Google listens.  Carefully.  For example every Friday they have an employee forum & senior leaders respond to the top 20 most-asked questions.



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