Which social media tool are you most comfortable with? Do you most want to learn about?

IHRM HR Master Class Participants, Nairobi, Kenya

IHRM HR Master Class Participants, Nairobi, Kenya

I’m at the IHRM’s (Institute for Human Resource Management) HR Master Class conference today, presenting a workshop on how Social Media is Transforming Learning.

Join in by taking the 2 simple polls below, simply click on your choice & you’ll see the results in real time.  (Note: the results won’t display until you click on your choice.)

Et voila!  A simple example of using a Social Media tool to enhance learning.

Need more specifics?  Here are 3 examples.  Polls such as these can be used for:

  1. Learning needs assessment
  2. Introduction / icebreaker activity
  3. Establishing a baseline (to later assess against)

1 poll down, 1 to go:


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