‘The little chart that will change your life’ compliments of Stephen Covey

Stephen Covey time management

Every since I learned about Stephen R. Covey’s 4 quadrant time management grid I’ve been enamoured.

The grid falls along two  axis –  things that are either urgent or not urgent & things that are either important or not.

From that falls the four quadrants, which here they are re-visited.  See where you spend most of your time &, more importantly, if that’s the quadrant you want to be spending time in —>

Q1 – Necessity

– crises, emergency meetings, last minute deadlines, pressing problems, unforeseen challenges

Q2 – Extraordinary Results

– proactive work, high impact goals, creative thinking, planning, prevention, relationship building, learning & renewal

Q3 – Distraction

– needless interruptions, unnecessary reports, irrelevant meetings, other people’s minor issues, unimportant email, tasks, phone calls, status posts etc.

Q4 – Waste

– trivial work, avoidance activities, excessive relaxation, television, gaming, internet, time wasters, gossip



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