Your choice: overwhelming, intimidating, confusing, barrage or adventurous, educational, exciting ride

Social Media tools

It used to be that if I wanted to get in touch with you I’d call.   Or walk over to your house or office & chat in person.

Then faxes arrived.  (I remember sending my first fax.  To Japan from Vancouver.  It was truly  magic.  Confession time: I thought that the paper somehow dissolved into bits & transformed on the other side.  When I realized the original paper stayed in Vancouver I was gobsmacked.)

Then cell phones arrived.  I remember not having to chase down family & friends trying to figure out where my husband was, when he was late, at the end of the day when we were supposed to be meeting up to ride home together.  Magic.

Then Facebook.  And Twitter.  And LinkedIn.




It’s an overwhelming, intimidating, confusing, barrage.


It’s an adventurous, educational, exciting ride.

Your choice.

(The image above is from a Mashable post – a view of Social Media in 2013).


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