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Photo Credit: lumaxart via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: lumaxart via Compfight cc

Check out this Mashable post for the full list of 8 Best Apps for Team Collaboration.

Here’s my take on four of them.  Do you have any to add?  Have you used any of the ones below?

1. Dropbox

The quintessential app for file-sharing and document collaboration. Through Dropbox, you can share PDFs, files and folders. When you star a file, you can access it offline later on.

My Verdict: I use Dropbox ALL the time.  In fact I’m uploading the #1 song from each of the past 95 years as a special gift for my Nana’s upcoming birthday.  Yep, she’ll be 95 next week.  As I’m in Kenya & she’s in Canada- dropbox makes it dreamily easy.

2. Flow

Flow makes project management incredibly easy and collaborative. Many business apps try to do too much, resulting in an overwhelming and stress-inducing experience. Flow’s clean, simple design, however, brings a zen-like peace of mind to task management. Plan a project by creating a folder, adding in lists for each project component and writing in an itemized task for each list. You can delegate tasks to co-workers via email, even if the person you’re delegating the task to doesn’t have a Flow account.

My verdict: haven’t tried it but it’s on my list to see if it would work for a new client where I’m focusing on developing a collaborative learning & development plan for the organization.

3. Skitch

Evernote‘s Skitch app lets you edit photos or snapshots with colorful shapes, arrows and text. With Skitch, you can caption pictures, circle meeting spots on a map or annotate a PDF document.

This app is ideal if you work in any kind of visually creative field. From planning concert brochures to laying out next month’s magazine cover, Skitch makes it easy to communicate visually.

My verdict: sounds fun & easy.  My kinda app.  It’s on my list to try.

4. Google Apps

The Google Apps for Business suite includes the Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides for collaboration in the cloud. Google offers a free 30-day trial and charges $5 per employee.

Google Hangouts is also a popular business app by Google. Hangouts are especially useful if you have employees who work remotely, as they can participate virtually in meetings and brainstorm sessions. You can share photos or emojis and add up to 10 friends per hangout.

My verdict: I’m obsessed with Google stuff.  Ever since I heard former Google CIO Douglas Merrill talk (I review his book here; How to turn off your brain and ski to Thailand – a review of Douglas Merrill’s book Organizing in the Age of Google) I’ve plunged in & keep adding more google apps to my repertoire.  Current favs are google docs, google forms & google hangouts.


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