Disruptive technology via blended learning

Photo Credit: Nasir Nasrallah via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Nasir Nasrallah via Compfight cc

Since I was 21 teaching 15-18 year olds how to teach 9-12 year olds I’ve been a huge fan of learning & development methods that have access & inclusion issues at their core.

That’s why I’m so keen on using social media tools for learning & development.

That’s also why my attention was caught by Teach Thought’s article 10 Popular Blended Learning Resources Teachers Actually Use.

What is blended learning? No less than disruptive technology.  Check out Knewton‘s definition below & the infographic at the same link.

Blended learning

I’ve been playing around with some tools to add to my toolkit.  Tools like Learnist & Fabric.  The latter is being developed by educational technology wizards Seth Tee & Ken MacAllister at Cogcentric.

In fact Ken & Seth are doing the mini-workshop at the monthly Learning & Development Roundtable I facilitate in Nairobi, this month on Oct 25th.  Let me know if you’re interested & I’ll post resources that we get from the workshop.

What disruptive tech are you playing with lately?


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