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Photo Credit: jronaldlee via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: jronaldlee via Compfight cc

I was recently interviewed for Tricia Hollyer’s Brave Leaps.  It was an intriguing task – reflecting on the footsteps that have led me to this wild, tropical path, this time & place, living in Africa.

What’s a brave leap?  In part it’s a process of ‘navigating hope & fear.’

“As someone who takes refuge in making multiple to-do lists, this was going to be one massive unknown.  The desire for massive change though counter balanced anything and everything.   Things weren’t working as they were & that was a huge motivator to change.”

Check out my full story here.

Inspiration for Tricia came because she knew she’d been settling.  “That I was holding myself small. And slowly, and with difficulty, pushed myself over that edge. I’ve leaped.”

And you?  What brave leap have you taken or are contemplating taking?


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