100% human – Labels are for clothes

labels, diversityLabels are great.

They can take what’s complicated & simplify it.  They can create community (any other mothers of teens out there? any other Canadians living in Kenya?).  They can be shortcuts that bring ease.  They can define & delineate.  Like assessments.  Like Life Lenses™.

Labels can also be dangerous.

They can bring shortcuts that create lazy, sloppy thinking.  They can take what’s complicated & make it simplistic.  They can create divisiveness.  They can create rigid boxes that are impossible to get out of (fill in the blank: all _____ are bad drivers, or all _____ are good dancers).  They can create walls where windows should be. Like some assessments (hopefully not Life Lenses™!).

Here’s to labels that are helpful & illuminating.

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