Take a seat (in a ball pit) & make a friend

Photo Credit: Rad Jose via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Rad Jose via Compfight cc

What would you do if a sign invited you to jump into a ball pit & make a new friend?

People were invited to do just that via Soul Pancake & respond to statements  written on the balls.  Statements such as ‘share 3 things on your bucket list’ & ‘find one thing you have in common.’

Check out the reaction of those below.  Do yourself a favour & watch the reaction of the woman when she finds out the unusual thing she has in common with her ball pit friend at 1:33.

Somehow the plastic balls help break down barriers & build community.  An instant intimacy develops between strangers.  Grins are plentiful.  As is playfulness.  Sweet.

Perhaps, instead of ‘all we need is love’, is ‘all we need are ball pits.’  Tra la la la la.


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