Inspiration without the saccharine after taste = Mama Hope

Photo Credit: A. Pagliaricci ♦ via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: A. Pagliaricci ♦ via Compfight cc

Need a little inspiration without the saccharine after taste?  Check out Mama Hope.

Here’s to the multi-dimensional, caregiving, infinite & infinitely inspiring leaders among us.  Here’s to you.

Mama Hope believes that everyone should have a say in how they’re represented. When asked what they would make a film about, the women of the Nyamonge neighborhood of Chiga village in Kisumu, Kenya said, “Netball. We always see African women as sad and poor. We want to make a video about something we love.”

These women are multidimensional. Some own small businesses. Some farm, sell dried fish, make breakfast breads, sell fabric and scarves, or sing for a living. All of them are mothers and most are caregivers for orphans in their own home. They are leaders of water committees and microfinance groups. They also carry water on their heads for miles, live in one room homes with mud packed walls, and worry about paying their children’s school fees. Their ability is infinite and inspiring. Amongst all this, It’s practice four times a week and, at times, walking over four miles for tournaments. These ladies don’t mess around.


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