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It wasn’t so long ago, that if for some arcane reason I wanted to know the temperature in Mumbai, as a kid I’d have had to hope onto my trusty, rusty blue bike, pedal up the hill & around several corners to arrive at the local library.  Pulling open the heavy door, I’d have had to walk into the slightly musty smelling, crowded room & hope the librarian was in a good mood to help me.


It took me 58 seconds.  Which  might seem long.  (It’s because the weather app on my IOS7 updated IPhone actually has rain, clouds & more moving across the screen according to each city I’m looking at & I was a little mesmerized by that.)

Knowledge.  Information.  And ideally, by extension, learning, is merely a few fingers swipes away for many of us.

Like this site with 100 free books on Kindle.

I dunno about you but that’s the equivalent to a big batch of cookie dough.

Sweet, too much to take in at one sitting & something to savour long after you’ve imbibed.

By the way, it’s 30.

Degrees celsius that is.

In Mumbai.


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