Advice from a tree

advice from a tree

If you’re a regular reader, you know this blog is all about perspective.  How what we see depends on what we look for.  How what we think & feel depends on our priorities, on what makes it through our lens of perspective & priority.

A tool for becoming better communicators, conflict resolvers, creative collaborators & colleagues is to widen our perspective.

And that includes borrowing perspective from a tree.

From a Life Lenses™ perspective ‘go out on a limb’ is advice from a Go Life Lens™.  ‘Enjoy the view’ is how a Mountain Life Lens™ sees the world.  And Stop Life Lenses™ are prone to remembering their roots (because they are gifted at reflection).

~~TGIF- each Friday I rejig & re-post a blog entry from my blog, which is about enhancing our perspective & worldview.~~


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