Knowledge ‘vrs’ Experiene (all wrapped up in 1 picture)

Knowledge experience

Juicy goodness here.

Does knowledge lead the way to connecting the dots?

Could you connect the dots without knowledge?

What does experience look like without knowledge?


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One Response to “Knowledge ‘vrs’ Experiene (all wrapped up in 1 picture)”

  1. sam crespi Says:
    February 12th, 2014 at 3:07 am

    Synchronicity! Just watched Ira Glass’s film The Gap on youtube, where he says that we start out with wonderful taste. We know what’s good and then we try to do something, but there’s a big gap between taste and doing that takes time to cross. That’s true, and it can be very frustrating. Working with mentors, or in a hive mind definitely helps. Both are able to suggest ways to improve, and in the case of the hive mind, there may be someone who’s already able to pick up the slack and at the same time you and that person can enjoy the creative exchange that may spark even better ideas.

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