Finding inspiration for reading for the love & learning of it

To read and read Lee-Anne Ragan

Welcome to my office.  That’s Galito (my kid’s cat) keeping guard of my library.

My love of books often has me salivating over & buying books faster than I can read them.  So based on my annual to do, to done, to’odle, I sought inspiration for getting the printed matter into my gray matter.

I picked out 12 books (okay, more than 12 but I’m an optimist) I want to read this year (not including fiction).  I pulled them out a bit from the shelf so they stick out of my bookcase & are noticeable.

That’s the pile on the left above.

I decided to place books I’d read on the right, pulling them out a bit too so they’re noticeable (see the two sticking out below).

Already read Lee-Anne Ragan

It’s working like a hot damn so far.  I’m taking a ridiculous amount of pleasure transferring a book from the left to the right.

You’ll notice there are two books on the right which I’ve already read this year (January’s books was Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma by Peter Levine & February’s book was Train Your Brain to Get Happy by Teresa Aubele, Stan Wenck & Susan Reynolds).

To read Lee-Anne RaganBoth are great books by the way if you’re interested in how the brain books (the latter book despite its somewhat sappy title & overuse of exclamation marks!).

And here’s a closeup of the books I’ve yet to read this year on the right.

What about you?  How do you motivate yourself to read for the love & learning of it?


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