The scale of the universe by Cary Huang (a practice playground for Mountains & Carrots)

A fun, interactive site, this website allows you to see, in multiple perspectives, the scale of the universe.

Don’t forget to scroll in & out to change your perspective & click to find out more about an object.

Scrolling out is like getting an automatic Mountain Life Lens™ perspective (the view from above), while zooming in gets you a focused Carrot Life Lens™ perspective.  For you Mountains what, in your life, can you zoom in on?  And for you Carrots, what in your life can you take the larger view of?

Yin & yang, peanut butter & jam, marshmallows & a campfire – Carrots & Mountains make lovely bedfellows.

~~TGIF- each Friday I rejig & re-post a blog entry from my blog, which is about enhancing our perspective & worldview.~~


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