The Rock.Paper.Scissors newsletter is out: 6 free resources for Value Innovation via Blue Ocean Strategy

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This month’s Rock.Paper.Scissors e-newsletter focuses on Value Innovation (e.g. how to create something valuable and innovative)  I learned from reading the book Blue Ocean Strategy.  Missed the article?  Check it out. (Not on my monthly e-newsletter mailing list?  Sign up for free here.)

After a whirlwind trip to Vancouver, Washington &  New York I’m back in Nairobi.  It’s gray, rainy & overcast.  A good day to reflect … on innovation.

A couple of weeks ago I posted my most recent e-newsletter based on the book Blue Ocean Strategy- How to Create Uncontested Market Space & Make the Competition Irrelevant.

As promised, here’s the follow-up post with innovation related resources.

  • Check out the presentation I created based on the book
  • Or read the whole, yummy book
  • Watch the video of a case study from the book (3:24 min), which uses the 6 path framework of making something functional have more emotional appeal (about cement of all things).  In other words the authors suggest that one way of being innovative is crossing wires – turning something that is usually, inherently functional or practical into an emotional appeal.  Or vice versa, turning something that is usually emotional, into something functional/pragmatic.  Either way, the process can yield some surprising results.  Like making cement very emotional.  Take a peek at the video to see what I mean.

On the lighter side, here are some resources to tickle your funny bone:

I hope those resources are helpful for you.  Let me know what innovative practices you’re up to.



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