Lists of note- bring ’em on say the Carrot Life Lenses™

List to doMaking lists (a.k.a. bringing systems & order to a chaotic world) is a sublime activity for a Carrot Life Lens™.

Check out ‘Lists of note’ a website that does nothing but list lists.  To the lists of Albert Einstein (whoah! his list is some piece of work- would not have wanted to be his ex-wife) and Nora Ephron (so poignant after her passing) to Julia Child (what a plethora) and Noel Coward (rules of ‘palship’), they’re a peek at inner lives.

Detailed. Organized. Precise.  Music to the ears & eyes of a Carrot Life Lens™.

~~TGIF- each Friday I rejig & re-post a blog entry from my blog, which is about enhancing our perspective & worldview.~~


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