How ear worms get your point across

Photo Credit: ezola via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: ezola via Compfight cc

My kids, hubbie & me were driving down the highway & the song Mahna mahna da da da da da came up in conversation.  

Say what?!

If you grew up with Sesame Street & you know the Muppets then it’s likely you would recognize this song. (And if you don’t or you want to revisit it, check out the video below.)

All of a sudden we were belting it out & ear worms (a.k.a. songs that get stuck in your head) were cemented.

Which got me thinking how powerful rhythm is.  The amazing processor that is our brain LOVES rhythm.

Don’t believe me?  Just try saying (not singing) the words to happy birthday.

Betcha sound like a glitchy robot.  It’s because you learned the song by singing it (rhythmically) not by saying it.

Need to get your point across?  Need to get somebody to remember something?  Try using rhythm – & the more ear worm like the better.

Let me know by commenting below how it goes.  I’d love to hear.


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