What do we call non-academic skills

What do we call non academic skills



More and more people in education agree on the importance of learning stuff other than academics.

But no one agrees on what to call that “stuff”, says a great article from NPR.

What do we call non-academic skills?  You know, the ones we all intuitively know are critical but are hard to nail down.

Soft skills?  Sounds too wishy washy.

Character?  Sounds too odd.

Noncognitive traits & habits?  Sounds waaaaay to academic & not user friendly.

How about social & emotional skills?  Uhm, perhaps but still vague.

Grit? Hell no. Enter John Wayne.

21st century skills?  Sounds too techie.

Growth mindset?  Doesn’t capture enough.

I don’t have the definitive answer but I do know that the conversation is critical.


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