Your team building results are in- check out the most common pitfalls for teams

We all need a little help from our team mates, as the video above so charmingly displays.  Yet high functioning teams, that work well together, & know & understand each other well, while critical to success in the workplace, are rare.


While Forbes says team building is ‘the most important investment you’ll make,’ by the time a client calls me in to design & deliver a team building event, I usually hear horror stories about previous team building events.


Hint: doing a company golf game just because the boss loves to gold isn’t team building.

Team building survey

Spoiler alert – I’m about to talk about a survey about teams I did a few weeks back with you.  If you didn’t get a chance to fill in the 1 question survey & want to before you see the results simply go here & then continue reading.


A few weeks ago I asked you what your needs & assets were when it comes to teams.  Here’s what you had to say.

Team building needs & assets survey

Team building needs

Trust.  Communication.  Conflict resolution.  Those are the 3 things I see most often that teams need to work on.  It makes sense – how can a team work well together if they don’t trust each other, can’t communicate & can’t resolve conflict.


As a learning & development professional I’ve worked with some 20,000 participants in & from more than 80 countries.  I utterly adore being invited into organizations to peek under the hood- to see what’s revving the engines & what’s causing traffic jams so to speak, then designing workshops accordingly, including on team building.


Is your interest piqued?  Check out this link that has a downloadable overview of my ‘Working Better Together’ team building workshops.


Next week I’ll share a simple tool for how to find & illuminate your teams’ assets or strengths.


In the meantime share some needs you’ve observed with teams you’ve been a part of or observed, in the comment section below.



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