You & your supervisor … meh, yeah or wah?

I’ve used the blob tree (pictured above) for years.  It’s a great tool to get feedback & initiate dialogue in a creative way.  It’s critters (or blobs) represent all types of feelings & are jumping off points for stories.

Last week I responded to reader Miriam’s comment (below) with a 2 part statement to help you resolve conflict (yep, it can be that easy)

At work I sometimes find it hard to talk to my supervisor especially when I feel like what he will say really is unnecessary and could easily have been shared via email. I don’t know whether I lack the patience or what, because in the end I might not even listen to what he is saying, which could be important.

Which got me thinking ….

What’s your relationship like with your supervisor?

I work with a lot of teams & have plenty of interesting dynamics.  Some teams are led by fabulous supervisors – who are wonderful leaders that support & bring the best out of their staff.   Others – not so much.

What’s your relationship like with your supervisor?  Is it meh, yeah or wah?  Is it supportive, easy, open?  Or frustrating, unclear, disruptive?  Or better or worse?

Here’s a fun, fast way to think about your relationship with your supervisor via the blob tree (yep, that’s really a thing)

Simply click on this link to draw an arrow on the ‘blob tree’.   After you click on the link, place an arrow pointing to the blob character that best represents your relationship with your supervisor.

And don’t worry, it’s anonymous.

Added bonus: you get to see what other’s think of their relationship with their supervisor.

Thanks for playing.  I’m curious to see what you’ll say.

P.S. Interested in using the blob tree yourself?  Make sure you purchase a copy from their site & then you’re free to use it.

P.P.S. I’ve given myself a challenge to think of creative ways to use technology to engage you.  I’d love to hear how using the arrows in the blob activity went – too hard?  Too easy?  Totally understandable?  Confusing?  Do tell.


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