What needs birthing by you? What needs midwifing?

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‘There are some types of victories that need to be midwifed, good things come from very far’ says Peninah, in response to a recent post of mine.  Another reader Vera, recently wrote me about being intrigued with the magic & miracle of birth.

Voila a theme plus an idea for a blog post.

Birthing.  Midwifing.


Late last year I organized a small group of creative, entrepreneurial colleagues & friends for an in-person planning day which was virtually led by the ever-helpful Lara Wellman.  It was a great way to reflect on the year that had just passed & to plan for what each of us wanted to create & birth in the year to come.

I was, & continue to be, inspired & energized to plan a year that is tailor-made for me.  From genesis to fully formed – thinking about the seeds I wanted to plant & the projects I wanted to grow.

Birthing’s super power partner –> midwifing

A midwife is someone who ‘assists (a woman) during childbirth.’  To midwife also means to ‘bring into being.’

I used the services of a midwife for my second pregnancy.  Some 15 years after my son’s birth I still remember how important those visits with her were, especially as shortly before my son’s birth, both my beloved Nana & my dad passed away.  I vividly remember the feel of the soft red velvet covered couch where I could lay my large, pregnant body as she coached, supported, listened & focused on me having a safe, healthy birth.

There are parallels with creating & birthing.  New ideas, projects, areas of focus, learning etc. can easily get mislaid, off track or plain forgotten about if they’re not midwifed throughout the year.

It’s one thing to figure out what you’d like to have unfurl this year, it’s another thing to stay focused & make that happen.


Enter tools to help you midwife your project, idea etc.

After the planning day, I realized I was going to need some support tracking my priorities & my progress if they were going to be born & flourish.

So I started playing around with creating some simple, customized tracking tools.  At least that’s what I’d started to call them.  Now, thanks to Peninah, I think of them more as midwifery tools.

Tools to help me continue to grow & develop my business &  myself.


Tell me what you’re birthing &/or midwifing & I’ll send you some tools to help you

I’d love to hear what challenges you face with midwifing (bringing into being) your ideas & projects.  What comes easily?  What’s challenging? Do you use any tools for midwifing / tracking your progress?  If so which ones?

Comment in the section below or send me an email (laragan ‘at’ rpsinc.ca) & I’ll send you the daily & weekly midwifery tools I’ve designed.


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3 Responses to “What needs birthing by you? What needs midwifing?”

  1. Mark Says:
    February 23rd, 2017 at 8:13 pm

    I am father birthing a parenting program Healthy Children Healthy Futures. It is more like rebirthing a local program that has been successful for 20 yrs. KIND OF GRANDbaby BIRTHING vs a first baby birth.
    We skipped a generation actually I was the first generation and now after 20 yrs we need a renaissance.

  2. Lee-Anne Ragan Says:
    February 23rd, 2017 at 8:29 pm

    Hi Mark- am so impressed. Grandfathering / birthing across the generations is powerful stuff, especially when you have experience as a participant two generations ago. Can’t go wrong with focusing on healthy children & their futures. Any birthing pains? Any specific tools you’re using to help bring the program back into being?

  3. Pssst – what’s your secret password? I will tell. | Rock.Paper.Scissors.Blog Says:
    May 4th, 2017 at 11:48 am

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