Embracing the moments that matter (or what an Irish Ball & imposter syndrome have in common)

Framed card from Pegasus Cards (Vancouver) that sits on my desk.


There are so many moments in life that can seem small but upon some quiet reflection you realize they have so much in common. Here are 7 of those moments & experiences that I was able to come up with in a very short period of reflection that all have something very special in common. Read on and see if you can see the thread that binds them together.


  1. An email of thanks from one of my readers (who I happen to know & who is unbelievably talented) arrived recently: “I just started my new position as managing director of xyz on the executive team. It was announced to the whole team and boy, was I overwhelmed with “imposter syndrome”, definitely wondering if the team thought of me as incompetent &/or incapable! My biggest leadership challenge has always been dealing with the AME (African Male Ego). This came right on time, thank you so much. I will use my feather duster).

2. I’m redesigning/redeveloping my website & I’ve found the perfect fit with the talented Alyssa Burtt

3. I’m learning about storytelling from the gifted & magical Marsha Shandur

4. One of my all time besties just said to me ‘Isn’t it great that I have money problems. I mean that that’s all I’m really concerned about? It’s a great problem to have, it’s figure-out-able.’

5. I recently facilitated a learning forum in the Maasai Mara where hippos sung us to sleep & we drove past a pride of stately lions on the way to the dusty airstrip to fly home.

6. While in London recently, a man tapped me on the shoulder in the tube & handed me back my credit card, which I’d unknowingly just dropped.

7. Two friends & I had tickets to the Irish ball recently but at the last minute they couldn’t go. I was able to find a brand new friend & an old friend to go with me at the last minute (who were wildly disparate, had never met & got along like a house on fire). I danced all night (one of my absolutely favourite things to do) & even won a little competition.


What do all of these scenarios have in common?

Reasons to be grateful. Gobsmackingly, fill you up to the brim & beyond, grateful.


When I think of all of these events I remember people’s overwhelming capacity to be kind. I acknowledge synchronicity, mama nature & the importance of connecting (not to mention dancing). And most of all, they’re a wonderful reminder & respite in the busyness & chaos of every day life.


April 29th is International Dance day – I’m going to be doing a little jig of gratitude that day. Won’t you join me?


And be sure & share the gratitude.


One of the recommendations in my recent post, the C-word (confidence), recommends asking a friend or trusted colleague what you’re great at & remind yourself about all you have to be confident about.   After receiving my reader’s response to the post above (& having my heart strings tugged at her imposter-syndrome) I immediately emailed her with things I know are wonderful about her.


Spread the confidence, spread the gratitude.



Your turn. Take action

  • Identify 5 things you’re grateful for. Make a point of celebrating them (& you).
  • Send a note to someone and tell them how grateful you are for having them in your life.
  • April 29th is International Dance day #InternationalDanceDay – make a point of dancing to one of your favourite songs. Even better, invite a colleague or two to join you.
  • It’s easier to be grateful when you’re confident, so use this confidence building (& sharing) tool.
  • Please do leave a comment below about what you’ve got to be grateful for no matter how little or how big.

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  1. Delia Fagundes Says:
    May 12th, 2017 at 5:38 pm

    I am grateful for all the momma figures in my life. I have been blessed to have so many.

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