In honour of sunglasses day, gratitude via the Life Lenses™


I’d originally planned to write this post in honour of national sunglasses day#NationalSunglassesDay because:

  • of my lifelong interest & passion in lenses, specifically the frames with which we see the world
  • of gratitude for the creativity, inspiration & problem solving opportunities the different frames or perspectives bring
  • it’s a fun, whimsical thing to celebrate

And then I got a bad case of tennis elbow & tendonitis with now weeks of not being able to type or write.

And then I realized how much you need your right arm to do pretty much anything if you’re right-handed.

And then I started to dive into assisted technologies to help me continue my work.

Now I’m grateful that surgery is on the horizon to help fix the problem, but in the meantime I’m thinking of you dear reader.

I’m thinking of:

  • What frames your worldview?
  • What comes onto your radar / into your frame, easily, naturally & with strength & grace?
  • And what lies under your radar / outside of your frame of reference, in those dark spaces that are unknown, foreign, awkward or difficult?


So in the spirit of celebrating a variety of worldviews:

  • Here’s to the gifts of the Mountain Life Lenses™, who helps us look up & see the bigger picture.  And here’s to the strength of their opposite, the Carrot Life Lenses™ which help us look down & see details & systems
  • And here’s to the perspective of the Stop Life Lenses™ which help us pause, reflect & ruminate, while the Go Life Lenses™ help us jump in, take action, & experiment,
  • Here’s to the Heart Life Lenses™ whose intuition & radar are so beautifully attuned & to the Head Life Lenses™  who focus on what’s tangible, what we can touch taste & see.
  • And finally here’s to the Journey Life Lenses™  who focus on the ‘how’ or the process & here’s to the Destination Life Lenses™ who focus on getting things done.

I’d already started playing around with the new clips app- which is what I used to film the above video.  And in the spirit of keeping it raw & real, yes I know the auto captions aren’t perfect.  Consider it a work in progress.

So in a combined toast to national sunglasses day – & how we see the world, how each of us has at the same time a unique & different perspective but also a shared perspective – here’s to you.

I hope you enjoy this short video from the perspective of each of the Life Lenses™. Because when you put them altogether the world is definitely a pretty cool, colourful place.


Your turn – take action:

  • Which perspectives or Life Lenses™ are you naturally drawn to? And how does this help you in your work & play life?
  • And which perspectives or Life Lenses™  seem foreign or different to you? And how could you use them to get a new take, a new perspective, fresh insight?


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