Simon says … ssssh, be the last to speak


I saw Simon Sinek, author of ‘Start with why,’ speak at an event in New York City some time ago and found his messages incisive & compelling.

Here’s one of his latest.  Check out the 1 1/2  minute video below & my notes from his video also below.

‘Here’s the problem & here’s what I think, I’m interested your opinion, let’s go around the room’ is too late.

Why? Because it’s leading &  influences what people say next.

Same with if you agree with somebody don’t nod yes & if you disagree with somebody don’t nod no.

Why? Again because it’s leading &  influences what people say next.

Instead what should you do?

Learn to be the last to speak.

The skill to hold your opinion to yourself does two things:

1. It gives everybody else the feeling they’ve been heard, they’ve contributed.

2. You get the benefit of hearing what everyone else has to think before you render your opinion.

So sit back, listen & ask  questions so you can understand from where they’re speaking.

Important caveat

Can you identify the big hairy assumption that Simon is making?

He assumes that you’re in a position of leadership & people will not only listen to you but will wait for you to speak.

At any rate it’s still great advice.

So go for it! Ssssssh.  Be the last to speak.



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One Response to “Simon says … ssssh, be the last to speak”

  1. Michelle Pante Says:
    July 13th, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    This is so helpful for me. Thank you. I really need to practice being the last to speak.
    He also makes the assumption that verbal sharing of opinions/observations works for everyone and that everyone is good to ‘leap’ into sharing in this open group context.
    And…. this is awesome, succint, easy to grasp the key point. You so good LA.

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