There’s a time to tell your own story & a time to hear others

There’s a time to speak & a time to listen,

There’s a time to tell your own story & a time to hear others,

There’s a time to take a break because you can & a time to take a break because you have to,

There’s a time to reflect & a time to act.


Today’s a day to reflect.


Based on an incident with a nurse while I was in ICU, last week I asked you to gird your loins as we dive in together to tackle issues like racism & sexism.  I described 4 ways to frame your thoughts while doing so. And I explained the concept of praxis- constantly cycling back & forth between action & reflection as a way to move through tough issues.


Today let’s dive into the reflection part of praxis (next week we’ll focus on action).


Start by thinking about your power & privilege – how much of it do you or don’t you have & what does that mean?


Power & privilege is reflected in things like:


  • Whether you are likely to be followed by security when shopping simply because of the colour of your skin (racial privilege)
  • The ease or difficulty in getting a loan (socio-economic privilege)
  • If you can read food labels & other daily items without problems (literacy privilege)
  • If you’ve ever been a victim of mansplaining  (gender privilege)
  • Whether you’ve experienced mental health issues due to gender based violence (mental health privilege)
  • If you can marry the partner of your choice &/or show public displays of affection without fear of retribution, judgment or violence (sexual orientation privilege)


I’m a mzungu (white person) living in Kenya. I have waaaaaay more (unearned) privilege than the average Kenyan citizen. For example I drive a car with diplomatic plates, I have multiple degrees & have house help. And on the other side of power & privilege I’ve been a victim of gender based violence so extreme it resulted in a severe case of PTSD years ago.


Each person’s access to power & privilege will be mixed & unique.


I encourage you to reflect on your own mix. Here are some resources to do just that:



Hard stuff. And if you need some motivation in terms of getting out of a box (boxed in thinking), here’s a funny resource to help you do just that (& yup, being able to take a break is a sign of privilege).


Til next week dear one, where I’ll write about ways to take action after all that reflecting.


Your turn:

  • check out the links above & let me know what you think.  I’ll be waiting & reflecting.

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