Sleep, Eat, Wake Me Up for … Shopping?


During the hustle bustle of the holidays, no matter how you celebrate, may your basics get fulfilled & then some.


You may have seen these stickers that are given out on some airlines.


They’re meant for you to stick on the top of your seat so the airline staff know what to do if they’re serving & you’ve fallen asleep.


The choices are:


  • Wake me up for duty free shopping.


  • Wake me up to eat.


  • Let me sleep.


Other than appealing to my love of systems & organization, I also love how they speak to some clear boundaries & priorities. Here’s my interpretation (& my wish for you this holiday season).


Wake me up for …. duty free shopping?!

Photo by Itay Kabalo on Unsplash

Let’s edit this one a bit shall we. May you wake up this holiday season for:


  • What lights you up (& of course that doesn’t have to mean shopping)


  • Finding your fun


  • Having a self-care plan & using it (aka a small toolkit for taking of yourself whether that be aromatherapy, your favorite chocolate, a song that automatically makes you get up & dance etc.) … Because, for lots of reasons, the very holidays that are supposed to bring love & light, can be very stressful for some



May you wake up to eat up / take in ….

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

  • Basic nourishment – food & drink


  • Fulfilling work



  • Places to be of service


May you sleep …

Photo by Sadık Kuzu on Unsplash


  • Stick to baaaasic basics. Sleep. Dream. Snooze. Nap. Meditate. Daydream. Zone out. Chill out.



And that’s a wrap. 2017 is almost over & a new one’s about to knock on our door for entry.





Annnnnnnd take action:


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