Here’s how to plan a fun, fab 2018 for yourself


Welcome! To the new year that is. Happy 2018.


→ Are you finding yourself hard pressed to describe the kind of year YOU want?

→ Are you having difficulty expressing YOUR vision for 2018 (as opposed to someone else’s)?

→ Do you groan inwardly at the thought of creating goals only to feel guilty about not achieving them this time next year?

→ Have you not been able to carve out some time to think about the kind of year you want?


Have I got something special for you.


This year I’ll be celebrating 20 years of being self-employed & in that time I’ve taught face to face workshops to more than 20,000 participants in & from more than 80 countries. I’m thoroughly over the moon gobsmackingly excited to say that I’ll be adding online workshops to my cadre of offerings this year.


Can you guess what the first online course is?


Yep. It’s Planning a fun, fab 2018.


Because the world needs more of what you have to offer, I’m inviting you to do just that – plan a year that fits YOU, the kind of year YOU want.


The ‘Planning a fun, fab 2018’ online course WILL:


  • Be custom tailored, like a fine Italian suit, to your priorities.
  • Teach you a flexible process you can use in any planning situation.
  • Maximize fun, engagement & creativity. Suffering is optional.
  • Create a solid start on your 2018 plan that includes time for reflection, figuring out your vision, how you want to feel, how to get it all organized, how to make it happen & more.
  • Ebb & flow like the Pacific & Indian oceans – we’ll come together in person online for some short, creative teach pieces & then you’ll go off on your own to craft your lovely plan.  Then we’ll rinse & repeat, ebbing & flowing for a total of 4 hours.
  • Encourage time to concentrate on you – time to show up, be present & be focused….. on you & your year ahead.



Planning a fun, fab 2018 online course will NOT:


  • Take a one size fits all – rather you get to do you, in all your uniqueness
  • Be dreary or guilt inducing – rather you’ll play & have fun
  • Spoon feed you; I’m expecting you to put in the work in order to make the magic happen (but no fear we’ll include breaks & have fun; remember suffering is optional)
  • Give you a completely finished plan for 2018 (‘cause unless you’re truly wonder woman or superman 4 hours isn’t enough) BUT you will have a great start to your year plan AND the tools to finish & implement.



Bonus: Life Lenses™ ($60 value)


You’ll be using my Life Lenses™ assessment to craft a customized year for you. Life Lenses™ is an interactive assessment which you’ll fill in online before the workshop starts.


Your Life Lenses™ results will:


  • Be the basis for planning a fun, fab 2018 year that fits YOU
  • Give you outta sight insight into where your light shines (what comes easily & naturally to you)
  • Show you where your dark places are (the areas of awkwardness, or discomfort) &
  • How to transcend those difficult areas to bring more light, more ease & more you to the world.



FAQs (frequently asked questions):


  • Is this for personal or professional use? It’s either or both – it’s totally up to you & what works best for you.
  • What if I can’t participate live? While real time participation is ideal so you can ask questions, no worries if you can’t because you’ll have access to the video recordings & all the learning resources 24/7.
  • What about refunds? Honestly that’s a good question. I haven’t been asked before. I’m confident that if you show up & do the work that you’re going to get amazing value & learn tons but if there’s an issue I’m confident we can work it out together.
  • Why are you doing this in January & not earlier? I ran the course in December (see the testimonials below) & it’s never too late to set aside time to think about & plan for the kind of year you want.



What have past ‘Planning for a fun, fab 2018’ participants said?


  • There was so much to take away and I felt much more empowered than when I had arrived. The genesis of 2018 has become more clear as I am better able to articulate my professional and personal goals going forward. Thank you so much Rock.Paper.Scissors. Your ROCK!


  • Never before has planning been simplified like this and yet in a very professional manner! Thank you very much Lee-Anne Ragan


  • Before this workshop, I hadn’t really thought about my goals for next year – they felt too big and too nebulous. The workshop both got me making specific goals (realistic and ideal) and helped me come up with ideas, practises and systems to make sure they actually might happen!


  • Lee-Anne is a phenomenal and talented facilitator. Thank you!


  • Lee-Anne’s workshop was engaging and dynamic. New insights for sure, looking forward to a fun and fab 2018!


  • It was absolutely invaluable for my business planning for 2018. I feel more prepared and grounded in my plan than I ever have.




What it costs to participate in the ‘Planning a fun, fab 2018’ online workshop:


  • For the chance to have me live in your home or office for four hours & meet other like minded intriguing people online from around the world (remember this isn’t a canned course where you can’t interact with me & are only watching a previously recorded video) …..
  • For the opportunity for you to show up on time, be focused, be present & carve out a clean & clear window to focus on YOU …..
  • For the opportunity, after the workshop, to register for some 1:1 time with me online to jam about your plan[1]
  • To be able to access the Life Lenses™ assessment & get your customized results in time for the course (regular $60 USD  value)[2] ….
  • The cost is $125 USD. Well kinda ….



Because wait there’s more…


  • For a limited time, because Community Works© & I’m so simply over the moon delighted to be launching my courses online for your benefit (yup plural, there’ll be more courses coming this year) …
  • I’m offering a super sweet deal. Bring a friend to the online course & you’ll get the course for ½ price – TWO people for $125 USD.
  • Simply pay once & send me your colleague / your buddy’s email & they’ll get access too. Happy new year, happy two’fer!




When is it?


  • The awesome benefit of people taking the workshop from around the world means we’re juggling different time zones, so like a custom fit suit, I want to see what works best for you.
  • The choices are January 30th OR February 1st, both from 7am to 11am PST / 6pm to 10pm EAT (click here to convert to other time zones). Once you’ve paid I’ll send you a link to see which date works best.




Are you in? Yeah & yahoo! Here’s what you need to do now to get onboard!


  1. Kudos & congrats! Give yourself a big pat on the back for carving out time to focus on creating a fun, fab year for yourself. Seriously, pat yourself on the back. I’ll wait till you’re done.


  1. Now head over to PayPal & pay $125 USD (OR send me an email saying you’re in & I’ll invoice you – laragan at


  1. After you’ve paid, email me your colleague or friend’s name & email & voila you’re in (for the 2’fer 1 deal).


  1. Stay tuned to receive more information about how to get the most out of the course, a link to your Life Lenses™ assessment & more.



Still undecided?


Know that 100% of past participants recommend this workshop to others!

For real. 100%


Questions?  Ask away in the comment section below.  Otherwise get onboard with the 4 easy steps.  And stay tuned for next week’s post on more of my top reads from 2017.


Yours in creative, fun & fab planning,



Annnnnnnd take action:


  1. After patting yourself on the back for deciding to focus on YOU, head over to PayPal & pay $125 USD (OR send me an email saying you’re in & I’ll invoice you –


  1. Then email me your colleague or friend’s name & email & voila you’re in (for the 2 fer 1 deal).


  1. Stay tuned to receive more information about how to get the most out of the course, a link to your Life Lenses™ assessment & more.



Not so fine print:

[1] – There’ll be an extra cost for this which we’ll talk about during the workshop.

[2] – You’ll receive a link to the Life Lenses™ online assessment.  You must have this done before the workshop so I can get your results to you. Once we have our date I’ll give you the specific deadline.

– You’ll need access to the internet so you can access the live workshop as well as fill in the online Life Lenses™ assessment.



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