3 ways you should be using digital tools for life 360 hacks

Overwhelm. Unease. Frustration. Despair. Embarrassment.


Those are just some of the emotions participants tell me they feel when they’re trying to use technology.

I’m here to tell you it not only doesn’t it have to be that way, tech tools can actually serve you & make your life a whole lot easier.


Here’s 3 ways to use tech tools you may not have thought about:


1. Use tech tools for research & listening

Have a new topic you’re interested in lately? Need to find out what’s going on with a particular topic? There are many, simple tools that will do the research for you. Furrowed brow in consternation not required.


Need an example? See how a simple research tool helped me catch a thief in New Zealand.


2. Use tech tools for communication & learning

We all know learning & communicating is important but who’s got the time to put in the work? Are you ever stuck in traffic, on long drives or do you exercise? Each of these times is great to listen to podcasts. (Insert audible sigh of relief here.)


There’s a hidden treasure trove of pretty much any topic under the sun just waiting to be explored in podcast form, where you listen & learn on the go.

One of my favs is How I Built This from NPR. This podcast tells stories of successful people & how they built their company. I was delighted to hear Brian Scudamore, founder & CEO of 1-800-GOT-Junk on the most recent one (his company once won our Humour in the Workplace Award).


3. Use them for ease & efficiency

This one is usually the most popular need participants tell me when I do workshops. Yes there are loads of tips & techniques for how tech can help you save time, take care of boring, soul sucking repetitive tasks, all so you can focus on what I call your flow n’ glow – those areas that the clock disappears & you’re in your sweet zone. (Insert squeal of delight here.)


Start now (‘cause who doesn’t need some ease & efficiency). Think about your own flow n’ glow.


  • What are the items you’d put in the middle (the things you’re doing when you’re in your zone)?
  • What are the uhm’s – the things that are a bit troublesome but not so bad
  • What are your ugh’s – the things that are causing you some grief
  • And what are your areas of torture – the things that you’re doing that you’d rather have a Brazilian wax than do?


Hint: the ones in the ‘torture’ ring need your attention now!


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Annnnnnnd take action



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