Your 7 day tech challenge for life hacks (+ a gift)


I never meant to get so involved with tech. In fact when a university came asking if I’d design & teach a course on how to use social media for learning, my first thought was ‘who me?!’ That was about 9 years ago & since then I’ve been on an intriguing, useful, practical path towards harnessing tech tools to make life easier.


I figure we only have so many hours in a day to offer up the unique & special gifts we have to offer the world. So if tech can save time, hassles & heartache, why would you not harness the power of these tools?


Okay I get it. You might be leery because you’re scared, overwhelmed, you feel like tech controls you instead of the other way around, &/or you don’t know where to start.

Voila (she says with the flourish of a gorgeous red cape & magician’s wand)!   Here you go. That’s precisely why I created this 7 day easy peasy challenge – 7 steps for 360 life hacks.




Below you’ll find 7 simple challenges. Do them one a day or a bunch at a time it’s up to you. Each challenge has a question, which you can access here. Answer all seven questions & get a fun, little gift.

Here we go so buckle up.


  1. Toe dip dive; find out what starting place fits you. Read this post to find out about my toe, dip & dive method (plus how I caught a thief) & pick your starting point.


  1. There are three key ways to use tech tools. One is for research & listening. Read this post to find out more & think about how you can use the example for your own use. 3 ways you should be using digital tools for life 360 hacks.


  1. Another way to use tech tools is for communication & learning. The example tool I give in this post is podcasts. Check it out to find out one of my favourites & which special person was recently featured on it.


  1. A third way to use tech tools is for ease & efficiency. Check out this post & download the worksheet that explains how to help you find your flow & identify your uhm, ughs & areas of torture.


  1. Here’s a way to start a conversation about your relationship with your supervisor, plus a way to use a fun, easy tech tool all at the same time. Check out my post on the supervisor blob tree, then click on the link that leads you to the tool. Leave an arrow & a comment.


  1. Intrigued? Starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel? Check out my online course ‘From overwhelm to organized; technology tips & techniques to serve you’ & register if you wish. But hurry, the course is March 27th. Find out more at the link above (including the 2 for 1 registration special).


  1. Answer the questions (based on the challenges above) you’ll find at this link & get a fun little gift.


Thanks for playing.



Want to learn more? Register for my upcoming online course: ‘From overwhelm to organized; technology tips & techniques to serve you’ on Tuesday, March 27th. Get details & register here, including how to take advantage of the 2 for 1 special deal.


Annnnnnnd take action




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