How you can marry worldviews with a garter belt & the can-can

I’m on the verge of serving you better through launching a new website. It’s taken bursts of creativity which made me think of what you could learn from a wildly creative story involving a new take on an old tradition, the can-can & big surprises all around.

But first, think of a situation where you need to amp up your creativity then, sit back, relax, put your feet up & think about how you can apply some of the lessons below.

This is a true tale of two wildly different groups & how I brought them together.

23 years ago I had a brand new wedding ring on my finger & the sun had set on a glorious West Coast day. I’d married my honey & now it was time to get the party started, specifically it was time to throw the garter belt (that’s us above).

Imagine a room filled with family & friends, gathered round, waiting for Doug (my new hubbie) to throw my garter belt.

To some of our more conservative family, this would be a normal & welcome tradition. However to our more activist friends & family (including my new mama-in-law), this would be an unwelcome, sexist ritual. What’s a bride to do?

Think outside the garter of course.

I cued the previously prepped DJ & ‘You can keep you hat on’ started playing. In my traditional long gown, as the sultry music filled the room, I shimmied, shook & sidled up to my surprised hubbie. His eyebrows shot up as high as the ceiling but he was game.

Just before I settled into the proffered chair so he could remove my garter belt, I suddenly hoisted my long gown above my waist & revealed green plaid boxers & green high tops.

Out of the corner of one eye I see Doug’s mom cheering wildly. And as I sit down, I notice movement behind me. I turn around & my jaw drops to the floor.

My mom, aunties, nana & cousins were all wearing green high tops & doing the can-can. (As my mom had made my gown I didn’t’ want her to possibly be upset so she was the only person I’d let in on the secret,)

Everyone howled, the conservatives & the activists.

Lessons learned:

  • It is possible to bring disparate worldviews together
  • Think outside the garter
  • Respect tradition
  • AND layer on your own
  • Use humour strategically

Bringing us to the present day, my new website is almost ready. I’ve got new ways to serve you, both in person & online. I’ve got some fun surprises & creative ways for you to get involved (fortune telling anyone?). A marriage of tradition & new, of bringing together worldviews.

Rock.Paper.Scissors Inc. started as an improv entertainment company, then included training when I came onboard. Now it’s a fully learning & development (training company). My amazing business partner & gifted comedian, Diana Frances, has gone on to other things, focusing on her writing. I won’t forget the lessons I learned from her & other improvisers about the strategic uses of humour & creativity.

Your turn.

See if you can apply some of my lessons to a situation you’re facing where you need to amp up your creativity.

  • What can you marry together?
  • How can you ahem, think outside the garter
  • How can you respect tradition AND layer on your own touches
  • How can you use humour strategically

See you next week with a whole new look & a brand new website.

Annnnnnnd take action


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