The intersection between creativity, human behaviour & effecting change – via Terry O’Reilly

I adore the CBC podcast by Terry O’Reilly called ‘under the influence.‘  It’s technically about marketing but really it’s about the intersections between creativity, human behaviour & effecting change. Here’s a fantastic example. In Israel, radio stations got together with the Israel Cancer Association and did something highly creative. 8am is the highest peak of […]


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One incredibly cool & creative recruitment method

There is a music school in Frankfurt, Germany called the University of Hannover Academy of Music. It is an elite school for musicians. Hannover wanted to recruit specific people: Those with “perfect pitch.” If you have perfect pitch, it means you can identify a specific musical note without any other external assistance or context. If […]


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How do you get creative? Why use a mosha cup of course

I was driving to pick up my hubbie from the airport and listening to Stuart McLean’s the Vinyl Cafe on CBC radio.  The tunes were great and I was bopping and singing along, a great big grin plastered wide on my face. Stuart was relaying his tales of growing up in Montreal, and, as only […]


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Fail forward

When Albert Einstein was asked what the best source of invention was he replied ‘mistakes’ (as heard on Terry O’Reilly’s Age of Persuasion). The only time we don’t make mistakes is when we’re sleeping (found on an IKEA postcard). Why then do we deny mistakes?  Cover them up?  Hide from them?  Are embarrassed by them? […]


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Arlene Dickinson: We’ve come a long way …. baby?

Last night I listened to business owner, entrepreneur and TV star Arlene Dickinson of the Dragon’s Den at the Forum for Women Entrepreneur’s Gala Event.  Her captivating journey to entrepreneurship is made more impressive by her humble beginnings. Years ago, being a single mom with four kids to feed made getting cash through the door […]


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