The art of being an unconventional trainer (with a nod to Chris Guillebeau)

I saw Chris Guillebeau speak recently, the author of The Art of Non-Conformity. He thinks instead of looking for efficiency we should be looking for adventure. I agree and as an adventure seeker when it comes to learning and development here’s my 10 point take on how a conventional trainer stacks up against an unconventional […]


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Take time to to’odle and you’ll reach your dreams faster

I love lists.  I covet lists.  I crave making lists.  Lists relax me.  They keep my delusion of being in control of my world firmly in place. I have a confession to make however.  At the end of a bad day, my eyes will skittishly wander towards a list only to streak away faster than […]


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6 easy, free planning tools to help you get the year you want part 2

In my last post I wrote an article about looking back over our shoulder, to the year that was, and looking forward to the year that is yet to be. Here are a bunch of resources to help you with your 2011 planning: From Dyana Valentine – what’s your business end tradition. Chris Guillebeau’s how […]


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