The Rock.Paper.Scissors newsletter is out: seeking happy holidays through calm inspiration

This month’s Rock.Paper.Scissors e-newsletter focuses on four small gifts designed to lift your spirits for the holidays.  Read the entire issue here or see below for an excerpt. Not everyone starts off the season with warm fuzzies.  Many are stressed, frazzled & frenetic.  Others are on pure overwhelm due to having been on overdrive for […]


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The Rock.Paper.Scissors newsletter is out: resources for matching how our brains work with how business & boardrooms could work

This month’s Rock.Paper.Scissors newsletter is a review of John Medina’s wonderful Brain Rules book.  John does a great job of inspiring us to rethink cubicles and classrooms. Check out the entire e-newsletter here and/or see below for resources related to how to have our boardrooms and businesses working in sync with how our brains actually […]


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